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Daniel Hessey
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Mortgages can be complicated, and for most of us they are not something we want to become experts in. Nonetheless, the mortgage process requires a lot of care and attention to detail to successfully shepherd the loan to completion in a timely fashion.

I have many years of experience in the ever-changing world of home loans. I have come to believe in working closely and personally with customers, even if working that way can be a little more time-consuming for me. I enjoy this approach, and it also happens to be the best way to accomplish the application and underwriting process with the least amount of uncertainty and anxiety for all concerned.

I have found that I have the most success in serving my customers when I am less a salesperson and more an ally. There is no way take all the difficulty out of getting a new mortgage or refinance, but working together, we can almost always get the job done.

Colonial National Mortgage has more control of the lending process than mortgage brokers do. For example, Colonial National Mortgage funds its own loans. We are also delegated underwriters and we retain the servicing of the loans after closing on each mortgage. This means you will always know who to call about your loan in the future.

Please give me a call to discuss your mortgage questions. I will work to answer them and provide you the information you need to understand your options. My job is to empower you make your best decision for your situation.

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